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Galatians -
- The Gospel of God's Grace versus legalistic Religion -
I. Salutation, 1:1-9
A. From an Apostle of the Gospel of God's Grace, 1:1-5
B. To believers influenced by a perverted gospel, 1:6-9
II. Historic background - 1:10- 2:14
The Authority of the Apostle and of his Gospel.
A. Authority acquired through Revelation, 1:10-24
B. Authority affirmed by Church leaders, 2:1-10
C. Authority acknowledged by Peter, 2:11-14
III. Doctrinal explanation - 2:15- 4:31
Justification is by Grace through Faith.
A. The experience of Jewish Apostles, 2:15-21
B. The experience of the gentile Galatians, 3:1-5
C. The example of Abraham, 3:6-29
  1. God's Promise Believed: Believer Justified, 3:6-9
  2. The Law Unkept: Sinner Cursed (the Law cannot justify), 3:10-12
  3. The Curse Borne by Christ: Promise Confirmed, 3:13-14
  4. The Promise Confirmed: Unaffected by the Law, 3:15-18
  5. The Purpose of the Law, 3:19-25
  6. The Position of Believers, 3:26- 4:20
    1. Children of God: Heirs of the Promise, 3:26-29
    2. Adopted Sons: Free from the Law, 4:1-7
    3. Unborn Sons? Paul's renewed Travail, 4:8-20
D. An allegory of Two Covenants, 4:21-31
IV. Practical application, 5:1- 6:10
A. Stand in Faith, free from the Law, 5:1-15
B. Walk in the Spirit, free from the Flesh, 5:16-26
C. Live in Love, lifting other's burdens, 6:1-10
V. Conclusion, 6:11-17
A. Paul's signature, 6:11
B. Paul's boast, in the Cross of Christ (not the Law), 6:12-16
C. Paul's authority, Christ's marks in his body, 6:17
D. Paul's benediction, 6:18

[Various elements in the above outline were adapted
from JVMcGee and TBKC.]

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