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- Titus -
The Local Church: Governed for Godly Living
 I. Greetings, 1:1-4
II. Godly Order of the Body, 1:5-16
1. Order entrusted to Ordained Elders, 1:5-9
2. Because of Disorderly Men, 1:10-16
III. Godly Order of the Members, 2:1 - 3:11
A. Within the Church, 2:1-15
    a. Between Believers, 2:1-10
    b. Because of God's Purpose in Grace, 2:11-15
B. Outside the Church, 3:1-7
    a. Subject to Authorities, 3:1
    b. Kind toward the Unsaved, 3:2-4
    c. Because of God's Kindness in Salvation, 3:5-8
C. Toward a Heretic, 3:9-11
    a. Avoid his Arguments, 3:9
    b. Reject him after Admonishments, 3:10
    c. Because he is Self-condemned, 3:11
D. Demonstrated in Personal Business, 3:12-15

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