Brief Notes on several other "Psalms of the Messiah" --
Our study has focused on those Psalms which were either...
  1. quoted in the NT in reference to the Anointed One (Christ, Messiah), or
  2. generally regarded by both Jews & Christians as speaking of the Messiah.
The following Psalms, while not fitting either category, also possess strong Messianic strains:
Psalm 1 - Behold, the Man.
cp. 1Pet 2:21-25
Psalm 9 - The Lord, who will rule the world from Zion. cp. Acts 17:31
Also see the brief comment about Psalm 9 in the Notes at Psalm 8:9.
cp. Psa 9:1 with Psa 22:22-25 and 118:19-21
Psalm 17 - One who is Tested & Kept.
cp. v.3,4 with Mat 4:1-11; Joh 14:30
Psalm 18 - Who is a Rock save (except) our God? (v.31)
cp. Mat 16:16-18; Mat 7:24,25
Psalms 20 - 24, together, provide a vivid picture of Messiah: the King.
Notes on Psalms 20 and 21 are below.
For Psalms 22, 23, 24, return to the Psalms of Messiah - MENU page.
Psalm 20
Brief Notes (a possible outline) -
'The Saving Strength of God's Right Hand.' (v.6) Acts 5:30,31
Extended Notes on Psalm 20 - 'The King Whose Prayer Is Always Heard.'
Psalm 21 -
Theme (briefly stated): 'The King, whose Joy & Glory is Salvation.' cp. Isa 49:7-10
Extended Notes on Psalm 21 - 'The King Looks beyond His Rejection.'
Psalm 30 - The night of weeping... displaced by the joy of morning.
cp. John 16:1-22
Psalm 31 - The foundation of goodness, established for those who trust in Him.
cp. v.5 with Luke 23:46
Psalm 42 - Thirsting for the Help (HB= yeshua) of God's Countenance (ie., person, presence). (v.5)
Reproached by practitioners of external religion, He thirsts for the living God. No one but He could understand or lift His burden. At the very center of this Psalm, the height and depth of human emotion meet on "the hill Mizar" (lit., "the Little Hill"), where Jesus cried out, from the depths of His Being, to the Father, who alone could fathom His heart. Here, we hear our Savior's voice pleading from the Mt. of Olives (Gethsemane) and-or from Mt. Calvary.
Psalm 55 - Reproached by "my own familiar friend."
cp. vs.12-14 with Psa 41:9 and John 13:18,19
Psalm 61 - The King shares the heritage of those that fear God's Name: Grace & Truth.
cp. Rom 8:16,17; Eph 1:18; Titus 3:5-7; Heb 9:15
Psalm 75 - The One, whose right it is to reign, speaks.
cp. v.3 with Col 1:16,17
Psalm 80 - A plea to the Shepherd of Israel: "Come, Salvation {HB= yeshua}." (v.2)
Someday Israel will recognize their Shepherd, and He will restore them. cp. v.17; Rom 11:25-27
Psalm 85 - Mercy & Truth are met together.
cp. v.10 with Joh 1:17
cp. v.11 with Mat 3:17; 17:5; Joh 14:6
cp. v.13 with Jer 23:5,6
Psalm 91 - He who dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High.
Satan misquoted vs.11,12 during Christ's temptation. cp. Luke 4:10,11
The promise was not ''to keep thee'' (ie., from physical harm), but ''to keep thee in all thy ways'' (ie., from deviating from the will of God, cp. Prov 3:6). In accord with God's will:
The Serpent will be crushed (v.13). Christ will be exalted (v.14-16).

This Concludes the study in the Psalms of Messiah.
For another look at these and other Psalms, see the chapters on the Psalms in
OT Reflections of Christ and Christ in All the Scriptures.

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