New Testament Chronology
Important NT eventsDate
to Acts
When NT books
were written
Birth of Jesus Christ6-4 BC
Baptism of Jesus26 AD
First Passover of Jesus
with His disciples
Jesus' Death, Resurrection, & Ascension, and Pentecost in JerusalemApril-May
Acts 1-6(Some date these events at 29 or 33 AD.)
Martyrdom of Stephen33-34Acts 6-8
Conversion of Paul35Acts 9
Peter takes Gospel to Gentiles (Cornelius)40Acts 10''James'' (half-brother to Jesus), written 35-50 AD
Peter reports conversion of Gentiles in JerusalemActs 11
Death of James, son of Zebedee44Acts 12
Death of Herod Agrippa I44
Famine under Claudius46
Paul & Barnabas visit Jerusalem with alms46
Paul's first missionary journey47-49Acts 13-14
Edict of Claudius expelling Jews from Rome49-50
Proconsularship of Sergius Paulus51
Apostolic Council at Jerusalem50Acts 15:1-29''Matthew'', 40-50AD
Paul returns to Antioch50Acts 15:30-35
Paul's second missionary journey51-53Acts 15:36-18:22
Proconsularship of Gallio52,53Acts 18:1-18''1+2Thessalonians'' (from Corinth)
Paul visits Jerusalem & returns to Antioch53Acts 18:18-22
Paul's Third missionary journey54-58Acts 18:23 Ephesus57Acts 19:1-20''1Corinthians'' (from Ephesus) Macedonia57Acts 20:1-2''2Corinthians'' (from Macedonia) Greece57Acts 20:2b-3''Galatians'' (from Macedonia or Corinth)
...Paul delivers gift from gentile churches to JerusalemActs 20:3b-21:16''Romans'' (from Corinth)
Paul's arrest in Jerusalem58Acts 21:17-23:30
Accession of Festus58
Paul in Caesarea58-59Acts 23:31-26:32
Paul's trip to Rome60Acts 27:1-28:15
Paul's first Roman imprisonment61-63Acts 28:16-31''Hebrews''
62Acts 28:30,31''Ephesians'', ''Colossians''
63''Philippians'', ''Philemon''
Gospel of ''Luke'' and ''Acts''
Paul's release and subsequent missionary journeys64-67After Acts 28''1Timothy'' and ''Titus'' (from Macedonia)
Nero's persecution of Christians in Rome64''1Peter'' (from Rome; some think 51-52 from Babylon )
Paul's arrest & return to Rome67-68''2Timothy'' (from Rome)
Death of James (half-brother to Jesus) in Jerusalem66-67''2Peter'' (from Rome?)
Death of Peter in Rome67''Mark'' (from Rome), ''Jude''
Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus70
Death of John (approx. 100)90-100Gospel of ''John''
''1,2,3 John'' (from Ephesus)
''the Revelation'' (from Patmos)
  1. Dating of some books varies slightly between scholars.
  2. Paul's travels after Acts 28 are uncertain, since there is no biblical record. According to tradition, he may have traveled to Spain and beyond, as indicated above. The NT Time line shows an alternate scenario which assumes that his first visit to Rome was his final visit.
  3. You may wish to print this chart, for easy comparison, as you study.

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