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The Prophecy of Malachi -
- The Messenger of the LORD -
Though met by unbelieving cynicism, God's Word will accomplish the purpose for which He was sent.
I. Wherein hast Thou loved us? Mal 1:1-5
A review of Jehovah's love for His people.
II. Wherein have we despised Thy Name and polluted Thee?
A rebuke of the priests. 1:6-14 - 2:1-9
III. Wherein have we wearied Him? 2:10-17
A rebuke of divorce.
IV. A foreview of Two Messengers 3:1-6
V. Wherein have we robbed Thee? 3:7-12
A rebuke for defrauding Jehovah.
VI. Wherein have we spoken against Thee? 3:13-18
A contrast between apostate Israel and the believing Remnant.
VII. The Sun of Righteousness, in the Day of the LORD... 4:1-6

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