Bible Study Outlines

Volume 4, Lesson 16
by C.I. Scofield

Failure at Kadesh-Barnea, Part I

Israel's Unbelief (Deuteronomy 1:19-21; Numbers 13)

This is the incident referred to twice in the Epistles as full of most serious warning to the believer (1Corinthians 10:1-15; Hebrews 3:7 - 4:1). Kadesh-Barnea is the point on the south border of Canaan to which the Lord led Israel and commanded them there to go into their inheritance. All their blessings were in the land, precisely as the believer's blessings are in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 1:3).

  1. The people's unbelief

    Already there is a failure of faith, and this is fully manifested when the report of the spies is made.

    Read carefully Deuteronomy chapter 2. Israel was afraid of the Anakims in the land, but there were giants in the wilderness as tall as the Anakims.

  2. The land entered
    1. Not under Moses (the law)
      • Deuteronomy 1:37 -- "Thou also shalt not go in thither"
      • Deuteronomy 34:4-6 -- "This is the land... thou shalt not go over thither... Moses... died... in the land of Moab"

      Moses might have led the children of Israel into their inheritance as they were commanded, but (as ever) the Law "was weak through the flesh" (Romans 8:3). Israel did not have faith (Hebrews 3:19).

    2. But under Joshua (Je-hoshuah -- Jehovah-Saviour -- type of Christ)
      • Joshua 1:1-5 -- "Moses... is dead... go over this Jordan... and all this people." Israel enters the promised land (see Joshua 3:1-17).
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