Bible Study Outlines

Volume 3, Lesson 16
by C.I. Scofield

The Two Advents

The Bible teaches of two advents (or 'comings') of the Lord. One has already occurred. The other is yet future.

  1. First advent
    In due time the fulfillment of Messianic prophecy began with the birth of the virgin's Son according to Isaiah, in Bethlehem according to Micah, and proceeded with perfect literalness unto the full accomplishment of every prediction of Messiah's humiliation.
  2. Second advent
    We must not conclude that the wickedness of man has baffled the deliberate purpose of God, for His counsels include a second advent of His Son. Then the prediction concerning Messiah's earthly glory will receive the same precise and literal fulfillment as did those Scriptures which concerned His earthly sufferings.
  3. Contrasting pictures of the Messiah
    Whoever carefully considers Old Testament prophecies must be struck by two contrasting, and seemingly contradictory, lines of prophecy concerning the coming Messiah.
    1. The coming of the suffering Messiah (first advent)
      One body of prediction speaks of Him as coming in weakness and humiliation, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, a root out of dry ground, having no form, nor comeliness, nor beauty that He should be desired. His visage is to be marred, His hand and feet pierced, He is to be forsaken of man and of God, and to make His grave with the wicked.
    2. The coming of the triumphant Messiah (second advent)
      The other line of prophecy foretells a splendid and resistless Sovereign, purging the earth with awful judgments, regathering dispersed Israel, restoring the throne of David in more than Solomon's splendor, and introducing a reign of profound peace and perfect righteousness.
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