Bible Study Outlines

Volume 1, Lesson 7
by C.I. Scofield

The Holy Spirit, Part III

In the Gospels

In the gospels the Holy Spirit is revealed in three ways:

  1. The Holy Spirit and Christ
    1. Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit
      • Luke 1:31 - "Thou shalt conceive... Jesus"
      • Luke 1:35 - "The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee... shall be born of thee... Son of God"
    2. Christ was baptized with the Holy Spirit
    3. Christ walked in the Spirit
      • Luke 4:14 - "In the power of the Spirit unto Galilee"
    4. Christ worked through the power of the Spirit
  2. The Holy Spirit and Christ's disciples
    1. They were born again through the Spirit
    2. They were promised the Spirit for the asking
      • Luke 11:13 - "Give the Holy Spirit to them that ask"
      There is not the least evidence that any of the disciples acted on this promise with the possible exception of Mary of Bethany, who alone of the believers seemed to have spiritual discernment (John 12:3; Matthew 26:12,13).
    3. As they did not ask, Christ promised to ask in their behalf
      • John 14:16,17 - "I will pray... He shall give you... the Spirit of truth"
    4. The Spirit was revealed to the disciples
      • As then with them -- "Dwelleth with you" (John 14:17)
      • As to be in them -- "Shall be in you" (John 14:17)
      • As coming upon them -- "Upon you" (Luke 24:49)
      • After His resurrection He imparted the Spirit to be in them -- "Receive ye" (John 20:22)
  3. The Holy Spirit convinces sinners
    1. Of the sin of unbelief
    2. Of righteousness only in and through Christ
    3. Of inevitable judgment
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