History of the Bible:
Timeline of the OLD TESTMENT
Creation of       Adam                   Tower of Babel
the World Enoch Abraham
Noah Isaac
Jacob (Israel)-12 tribes
Worldwide Joseph in Egypt
Time Unknown 4000BC? Flood 2000BC 1800BC

Genesis 1-11 Genesis 12-50


Israel in Israel in Israel in Kings:
bondage the wilderness the Land Saul, David, Solomon
Moses & Aaron- -The Law given -The Temple
-Israel delivered -The Tabernacle in Jerusalem
from Egypt
1480BC 1447BC 1407BC 1390BC 1100BC 1000BC

Exodus 1-11 Exodus 12-40 Joshua Judges 1+2 Samuel Psalms
Leviticus Ruth Proverbs
Numbers Song of Sol.
Deuteronomy Ecclesiastes


Elijah & Elisha End of Kingdom: Old
The Kingdom divided: Israel captive Judah Captive Testament
-Israel (Northern kgdm) (in Assyria) (in Babylon) Complete
-Judah (Southern kgdm) Jerusalem destroyed
931BC 722BC 586BC (a) (b) 400BC

Obadiah Jonah Isaiah Nahum Jeremiah Ezekiel Ezra Nehemiah
Joel Amos Micah Habakkuk Lamentations Daniel Esther Malachi
1 Kings Hosea Zephaniah Haggai
1 Chronicles 2 Kings 2 Chronicles Zechariah
(a) 538BC - Cyrus decrees to rebuild
the Temple. Ezr 1:1-4; 2Chr 36:22,23
(b) 445BC - Artaxerxes decrees to
rebuild Jerusalem. Neh 2:5; Dan 9:25


Notes: 1. Major events are shown above the time-line.
2. Books are shown at their approximate time of writing,
below the time-line (exceptions: see Note 3).
3. The following books are spread out below the time-line
according to the events which they record: Genesis, Exodus.
4. Most times are approximate. A few are established with
relative precision (such as the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC).
5. To PRINT this page, you may need to set your browser to a font
size that allows the full width of the text to fit the width
of the page. The same setting will work for the NT chart.
6. This time-line was adapted (with changes) from a chart by
Dr. Bardwell Marshall, Basic Bible Truths, McMinnville, OR 97128.

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