Sketches of the
Old Testament books
Each 'sketch' provides a brief overview of one book of the Old Testament.
This overview is meant to outline the history and message of that book, and to show how that message fits into the message and framework of the entire Bible.

These sketches are intended to supplement your reading of each book of the Bible (rather than as a substitute for reading the Bible text). Links within the sketch provide access to Bible text. In most cases, the text of the book under study will display in the lower left window, while supplemental references will display in the lower right window.

Two major Bible themes are emphasized in these sketches:
  1. the history and future of Israel, and
  2. the foreshadowings of Israel's promised Messiah.
Since Israel's history is clear from the plain reading of the text, the larger portion of each sketch will deal with the latter theme.

In the last book of the Bible, we are told that ''the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy'' (Rev. 19:10). And having been told, we begin to understand that Christ is the central theme of Scripture. Jesus Himself said that the major authors (and characters) of Scripture spoke of Him (cp. Joh 5:46; 8:56; Mat 22:45), and that the Scriptures would reveal Him to the seeking heart (Joh 5:39; Luke 24:27). Therefore, these sketches will briefly trace His presence in each Old Testament book.

Each 'sketch' consists of a chapter from the book:
''The Old Testament Presents... Reflections of Christ,'' by Paul R. Van Gorder.
This book may be accessed via the link to ''OT Reflections of Christ'' on the Resource Menu.
Read the Introduction & Preface to the book, before using the sketches.
For more detailed discussion of individual books, see the Book Notes (also accessible through the Book Notes button).
Book Notes are available for many, but not yet all Bible books.

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