A Chart: Light versus Darkness in John 8
This chart shows the flow of the discussion in John 8.
You may wish to print this out for easier comparison as you study the notes.
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In which column do you find yourself?
I am the Light... v.12
you... neither know me,
...nor my Father. v.19
I judge -- in Truth
-- according to the Father. v.16,18
you judge -- according to the flesh. v.15
-- without knowing the Father. v.19
I am -- from above
-- not of this world. v.23
you are -- from beneath
-- of this world. v.23
I do -- nothing of myself. v.28
-- always what pleases the Father. v.29
you -- shall die in your sin. v.24
they -- understood not...the Father. v.27
They consider themselves to be in the light,
as shown in brackets [ ] below.
He corrects them,
placing them in the column of darkness.
[ We... are Abraham's seed. v.33 ]
[    ...were never in bondage. ]
You are Abraham's physical seed-
-- after the flesh. v.37
-- in bondage to sin. v.34
I speak what I have heard of my Father. v.38You do what you have seen your father do. v.38
[ Abraham is our father. v.39 ]
You do not act like Abraham's children:
-- you seek to kill me.
-- you disregard God's Word. v.39-40
[ We are the children of God. v.41 ]
You do not act like God's children. v.42,43
You are children of the Devil, v.44:
-- a murderer
-- a liar
-- unreceptive to the Truth.
I tell you the Truth. v.45
You do not believe me. v.45
You do not receive God's Word. v.47
I honor my Father. v.49You dishonor me. v.49
Eternal life is found in keeping my Word. v.51
Abraham rejoiced to see my day. v.56
Are you greater than Abraham?
Abraham and the prophets are dead. v.53
My Father honors me. v.54,55
You claim Him as your God,
but you do not know Him. v.54,55
Before Abraham was, I am. v.58They took up stones to cast at Him. v.59

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