Jeremiah 50 - 51 - Outline of Jeremiah (MENU page)
Judgment upon Gentile nations: concerning Babylon (ch. 50,51)
The divisions below depict the overthrow of Babylon, in contrast with the restoration of Israel.
I. Announcement to the nations: Babylon will be destroyed; Israel will be restored, 50:1-7
II. Warning to those in the region: Babylon will be scattered; Israel will be regathered, 50:8-20
III. Instruction to the Medes from Israel's Redeemer: Waste Babylon for her excess zeal in oppressing Israel, 50:21-34
IV. Description of Babylon's overthrow, and its reason: For Israel hath not been forsaken of his God, 50:35- 51:5
  1. The overwhelming defeat of Babylon, by means of...
    • a sword upon her people, princes....
      • her wise men would become liars {ie., devoid of truth} and they shall dote {ie., become foolish}...
      • her mighty men would be dismayed {ie., shattered, broken}.
    • a drought upon her waters (50:38) - perhaps indicating the Medes' method of entrance into the city.
    • a complete destruction, like that of Sodom and Gomorrah (50:39,40)
      The prophecy of such total destruction awaits fulfillment in the last days.
    • an irresistable enemy (50:41)-
      • cruel and powerful (50:41,42)
      • causing the cruel and powerful of Babylon to cringe in fear (v.43)
    • an irrefutable purpose (50:44-46)-
      Nothing and no one can overturn the counsel of the LORD against Babylon.
    • a destroying wind (51:1-4)- as Babylon had once been to Israel (4:11-13)
  2. The faithfulness of the LORD to Israel (51:5)...
    Though their land was filled with 'sin' {ie., trespass, or, compensation for trespass} against Him... He remained faithful to them.
    Though He allowed severe punishment to befall them, He had not forsaken them.
V. Futility of Babylon's resources, the sufficiency of Israel's Portion, 51:6-19
VI. Vengeance upon Babylon, at the hand of Israel's King, 51:20-58
VII. The Time and Certainty of the Prophecy, 51:59-64

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