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Key & Guide to Notes
I. The Substance of the Faith (doctrinal section)
  1. God has spoken by His Son, who is...
    1. superior to the prophets, and
    2. superior to the angels. Heb 1:1-2:4
         [Beware of neglecting His message.]
  2. God has subjected all things to Jesus, who...
    1. as the perfect Man, delivers imperfect men. 2:5-18
    2. as a Son, is superior to Moses, a servant. 3:1-19
    3. provides Rest superior to that of Joshua. 4:1-13
         [Beware of doubting His provision.]
  3. Christ's Priesthood is superior to Aaron's -
    1. Ordained by God after the order of Melchizedek
      • [Beware of dullness to God's Word.] 4:14-5:14
      • [Beware of departure from His Salvation.] 6:1-12
      • [Rest secure in God's Word & High Priest.] 6:13-20
    2. His Priesthood is perpetual and perfect. 7:1-28
  4. Christ's Priestly Ministry is superior...
    1. serving the True Tabernacle, and
    2. mediating a Better Covenant. 8:1-13
    3. purging and perfecting the inner man. 9:1-22
    4. offering the one sufficient Sacrifice. 9:23-10:18
    5. opening the Way into God's Presence. 10:19-39
         [Beware of despising His Sacrifice.]
II. The Life of Faith (practical section)
  1. men of faith look for God's city -
    -- a few prime examples. 11:1-16
    -- many witnesses. 11:17-12:3
  2. men of faith look to Jesus,
    -- through chastening and conflict. 12:4-17
       [Beware of refusing His instruction.] 12:18-29
  3. men of faith live lives identified with Christ. 13:1-25

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