Bible Study Outlines

by C.I. Scofield
How to Use the Outlines in This Book
  1. Get Your Bible. These outlines are designed to help you study the Bible. You will only get the maximum benefit when you read all of the verses listed for each lesson. [When using this online version of these studies, each verse reference is a link which will bring up the Bible text. Take time to read and ponder each one.]
  2. Pray. Because you are preparing to learn spiritual lessons, it is of utmost importance that you seek God's help and blessing. Ask God to open your understanding of the Bible and to give you the full impact of each lesson.
  3. Read the context. In addition to reading the verse(s) given for a particular point, take time to read the chapter (or part of a chapter) in which the Scriptures are found. The context will help you to understand what is being taught, and will unlock the meaning of each verse. [In this online version, you can scroll through the scripture text which precedes and follows the linked reference.]
  4. Take notes. Every lesson has space provided for notes [in the printed booklet format of these studies]. Write down your thoughts and discoveries. [Keep a pad or notebook for this purpose.] Have a question? Jot it down so you can ask someone else for help, or just come back to it later. Perhaps it will be answered as you grow in your understanding of God's truth.
  5. Learn to Change. As you begin to study the Bible, you will likely be challenged by what you learn. When God speaks to you about problems in your life or your need for a closer relationship with Him, take that opportunity to act on what you have learned. The pathway to blessing is living what you learn -- you must be a "doer" of God's Word (James 1:22-25)
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