Bible Study Outlines

Volume 4, Lesson 2
by C.I. Scofield

The First Civilization Judged

Genesis 6 and 7

  1. The two seeds
    1. The family of Cain chose worldly, rather than spiritual, benefits

      The first civilization, that which perished in the judgment of the flood, descended through the line of Cain. Every element of the grandest material civilization is mentioned in Genesis 4:16-22 -- city and pastoral life (vs.17-20), the development of the arts (v.21), and the beginning of manufacturing in brass and iron (v.22). Enoch means "teacher," implying systems of learning. Adah means "pleasure" and Lamech, "conqueror."

    2. The family of Seth, worshippers of Jehovah
  2. The falling away of the descendants of Seth
  3. The apparent result of the failure
  4. The real result of the failure of both seeds
  5. Salvation through grace
  6. A new covenant
    1. A covenant of grace through sacrifice
    2. Human government established
      • Genesis 9:1-17 - "Be fruitful, and multiply... whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed"
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