Bible Study Outlines

Volume 4, Lesson 1
by C.I. Scofield

The New Conditions of Life

Genesis 3:14-25

Human life began in innocency, in a paradise of beauty and abundance, all of which was placed under the care of Adam. The Edenic covenant (Genesis 2:8-20) was based upon one condition: that innocence be maintained. However, the woman, Eve, was deceived, and transgressed that condition. Also, Adam, open-eyed, flung away innocency and his headship over creation. The sinning ones were no longer fit for paradise nor for a paradise life. New conditions were necessary, and the relationship between God and man was changed forever.

  1. The curse
    1. The tool used by Satan (the serpent) was cursed
      • Genesis 3:14 - "Thou art cursed... upon thy belly shalt thou go"
    2. The doom of Satan was declared
    3. The promise of a Redeemer
    4. The changed state of the woman
    5. The earth cursed for man's good
      • Genesis 3:17 - "For thy sake." It is better for fallen man to battle with thorns and thistles for a livelihood, than to live without toil.
      • Genesis 3:19 - "In the sweat of thy face"
    6. Physical death
      • Genesis 3:19 - "Unto dust shalt thou return"
      • Romans 5:12 - "By one man sin... death by sin... death passed upon all"
  2. The two seeds, two civilizations
    1. Cain becomes the head of a great earthly people
      • Genesis 4:1-15 - "Rose up against Abel... and slew him"
      • Genesis 4:16,17 - "Cain went out from the presence of the Lord... bare Enoch: and builded a city"
      • Genesis 4:21 - "Jubal... father of all such as handle the harp and organ"
      • Genesis 4:22 - "Tubal-cain... instructor of every artificer in brass and iron"
    2. Seth becomes the head of a worshipping people
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