Bible Study Outlines

Volume 3, Lesson 3
by C.I. Scofield

The Dispensations, Part III

NOTE: Several of the subjects touched in Volume 3 of these Bible Study Outlines are also dealt with in Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, by the same author. While the material in the two publications is very similar, there would be profit in doing an initial study in one publication and then reviewing the subject in the other. Both publications, and the associated Chart of the Seven Dispensations, can be accessed via the Resource Menu.

G. Millennium
  1. This dispensation is introduced by a series of events which immediately follow the taking away of the Church. These events occupy the seventieth week (seven years per week) of the prophecy of Daniel, and are fully described in Revelation 6 to 18. The whole period is called "the great tribulation." During this time, the Church will be "with the Lord" (1Thessalonians 4:17). But the earth and those remaining on it will be swept with awful judgments. During this time, a remnant of the Jews, and an innumerable host of Gentiles, will turn to the Lord and find salvation, though they will not have the special privileges of the Church (Revelation 7:4-17).
  2. After this will occur the personal and glorious coming of Christ to the earth with His saints and the holy angels.
  3. The Lord then judges the living nations according to their treatment of His "brethren" who are the Jews of Revelation 7.
  4. Then begins, properly speaking, the seventh dispensation. During one thousand years, the Lord reigns over restored Israel and the Gentile nations. The seat of government will be Jerusalem, and the saints of this [present] dispensation [of Grace] (the Church saints) will be associated with Him in His rule.
  5. But when Satan is "loosed a little season" he finds the natural heart as prone to evil as ever, and easily gathers the nations to battle against the Lord and His saints and this dispensation closes, like all others, in judgment. The "great white throne" is set, the wicked dead are raised and finally judged, and then come the "new heaven and a new earth."
  6. Then in Revelation 21 and 22, eternity has begun.
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