Bible Study Outlines

Volume 1, Lesson 15
by C.I. Scofield

Sin, Part I

The Entrance of Sin

  1. The tempter's tool
    Satan uses many things for his purposes. In Eden, he found the serpent the most "subtle" of all creatures. The word "subtle" is associated throughout Scripture with "wisdom," "deceit," and "craft." Exclude from the mind the idea of a writhing reptile -- that is wholly the effect of the curse. The primal "serpent" may have been beautiful and graceful. Satan is most dangerous when he appears as an angel of light (2Corinthians 11:14).
    1. Whatever Satan uses for his purposes is identified with him
      • Genesis 3:14 - "The Lord God said unto the serpent." God addresses Satan as a serpent.
      • Matthew 16:23 - "[Jesus] said unto Peter, 'Get thee behind me, Satan.'" Here, Satan's tool is an apostle.
    2. The association often brings consequences for the tool Satan uses
      • Genesis 3:14 - "Upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat." The serpent suffered the results of being used by Satan.
  2. The tempter's work
    1. He suggests doubt in the goodness of God
    2. The woman adds to the word of God
    3. Satan denies the literal truth of God's word
      • Genesis 3:4 - "Ye shall not surely die." It is a favorite method of Satan in this day to question the natural, obvious, meanings of Scripture in favor of some so-called "spiritual" interpretation.
    4. Satan's appeal to pride
      • Genesis 3:5 - "Ye shall be as gods." Compare Isaiah 14:12-14
      • Genesis 3:5 - "Ye shall be as gods knowing." God-likeness through knowledge! This is still Satan's snare for those who will not yield to the coarser temptations.
    5. Satan's three-fold appeal (compare with 1John 2:16
      • Genesis 3:6 - "The tree was good for food" (the lust of the flesh)
      • Genesis 3:6 - "It was pleasant to the eyes" (the lust of the eyes)
      • Genesis 3:6 - "A tree to be desired to make one wise" (the pride of life)
    6. The result of the first sin
      • Genesis 3:10 - "I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself." An awareness of guilt and shame.
      • Genesis 3:7-24 - "Drove out the man." Separation from God, which is spiritual death.
  3. The seeking God
  4. The Eden promise
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