Bible Study Outlines

Volume 1, Lesson 13
by C.I. Scofield

Satan, Part II

His Work and Destiny

  1. He is the God and prince of this world
    The existing world order -- the organization of humanity, political, social, and commercial interests -- is based upon force, greed, selfishness, ambition, pride, and pleasure, modified and restrained by the presence of the Holy Spirit in the church (2Thessalonians 2:7). With the removal of the church (1Thessalonians 4:14-17), the "lawless one " (2Thessalonians 2:8) will be revealed, to whom Satan will give all his power (Revelation 13:2).
  2. He is a tempter
  3. He opposes the people of God
  4. He hinders and defiles the work of God
  5. He is a defeated adversary
  6. The Future of Satan
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