Bible Study Outlines

Volume 1, Lesson 3
by C.I. Scofield

The Deity of Christ

  1. Direct teaching that Christ is God
    1. He claimed to be Jehovah
      • Exodus 3:14; 6:3 - "I Am" "By My name JEHOVAH." This name implies the self-existence of God.
      • John 8:57,58 - "I Am" That the Jews understood this as His claim to be Jehovah is proved by verse 59.
      • John 10:33 - "Thou... makest Thyself God"
      • John 18:4-6 - "Jesus saith unto them, 'I Am.'" It was upon this assertion of His deity that "They... fell to the ground."
      • John 8:24 - "If ye believe not that I Am." The word "He" is supplied by the translators. Our Lord makes belief of His deity part of saving faith.
    2. He claimed to be the Lord (Adonai) of the Old Testament
    3. He taught His absolute identity with God
      • John 10:30 - "Are one." See also verse 31-33 which prove that the Jews so understood Him.
      • John 14:8,9 - "Hath seen Me hath seen the Father"
  2. Indirect proof that Christ is God
    1. He received human worship
    2. He forgave sins
    3. He displayed omnipotence (having unlimited power)
      • Luke 8:24 - "Rebuked the wind... and water... there was a calm"
      • John 6:19 - "Jesus walking on the sea"
      • Luke 9:16,17 - "He took the five loaves, and the two fishes... remained... twelve baskets"
      • John 2:9 - "Water that was made wine"
    4. He displayed omniscience (having unlimited knowledge)
      • John 11:11,14 - "Lazarus is dead." Jesus was more than sixty miles away when He said this.
      • Mark 2:6-8 - "Perceived... they so reasoned within themselves"
    5. He displayed omnipresence (being present in all places at all times)
      • John 3:13 - "Which is in heaven." Even while in bodily presence on earth He was also in heaven.
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